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Carbon Neutral Printing

Have your job printed carbon neutral at no extra cost. Ask us how.

Award Winning Green Printing

Our Green Story

Looking for green printing? Look no further. At a time when everyone seems to be telling a green story of one sort or another, we believe ours is second to none. It started about ten years ago and, today, remains one of the key visions of our CEO, David Fuller.

Simply put, "We're not going green, we've always been green".

In broad terms, our green printing story can be divided into five key areas: carbon, waste, water, materials and accreditation.

Carbon Neutral Printing

Focus Press is one of only a handful of truly carbon neutral printers, and our research indicates we may have been the first in the world to be able to make this claim. Simply speaking, this means we have measured, reduced and offset all the carbon impact of us doing business, from the heat generated for our machines to the shipping of raw materials and finished goods.

We have worked hard over many years to measure and reduce our energy use, worked hard with suppliers to minimise transport and waste and bought carbon offsets for the carbon emissions we simply cannot avoid. The result has been good for the environment, our clients and our business.

For those of you who understand the terminology, we measure, reduce and offset Scopes 1, 2 and 3.

For those of you who don't, it means that everything from the manufacture of the paper, to the transport of inks, printing of your job and delivery to your door has been considered. And that everything we use, including paper, inks and transport, has a full lifecycle analysis done on it before it becomes part of our supply chain.

Plus, should you need mailing services with your printing, we have a mailhouse next door so there are no emissions involved in freighting between printers and mail houses.

In terms of energy use, we have managed to reduce our energy use significantly over the years while increasing factory output. What energy we do buy is GreenPower.

All of which means, when we print your job, your printer of choice is carbon neutral and if you want to make your product 100% carbon neutral scope 3 ( cradle to grave including the whole supply chain ) we can show you how - easy, hassle free with minimal cost.

If you would like to read more about carbon reduction, measurement and offsetting, please visit the Australian Government's Dept of Climate Change.

Water Saving

As part of our environmental journey we have endeavoured to find ways to reduce water intake into our facility. In 5 years, we reduced our water use to 25% of 2002 figures. In terms of cost and input, our water use is now less than 0.2 kilolitres per dollar sale, a figure which is no doubt one of, if not the, lowest in the industry.

Waste Reduction

In 2007 we reduced waste to 1.5% of 2002 levels. We know what you're thinking. That's got to be a typo. It's not, just the result of a lot of hard work on our waste stream management.

By using materials more effectively we now save over $100,000 a year in expenses, which allows us to offer a higher quality product at a lower cost to the environment.

And a lower price to you, our client.



In 1999 we pioneered vegetable based inks. Back then, concerned about the impact of toxic, oil based inks on his workforce and the environment, David Fuller went looking for a better way. He found it in Japan, in vegetable based inks. Unable to source them in Australia, he began importing them himself and using them exclusively.

Ten years later, we're pleased to say the industry has moved on and vegetable based inks are industry standard. We like to think we helped make it that way.

   Why are vegetable based inks better?

  • Lower solvent emissions than petroleum oil
  • Less toxic waste
  • Soy beans are a renewable resource
  • More readily de-inkable
  • Enhances printability characteristics
  • Good press stability and colour control


Demand for more environmentally aware paper is currently as strong as it's ever been and more choices are becoming available each day. At Focus Press we are diligent in being able to offer the widest range of options possible.

Indeed, as part of our commitment to more environmentally responsible paper stocks, we only use paper with chain of custody certification for our standard house stock: FSC or PEFC even if there are cheaper alternatives available.

Environmental Accreditation

In 2003 we joined the EPA's Industry Partner Program, a government initiative to assist 'early adopters' in the environmental space.

As an early adopter, we partnered with the EPA to create their environmental policy for the industry, then helped them roll it out across the industry. We still work with the EPA. We still maintain the Clean Production Strategy that the relationship helped put in place.

In 2002, we implemented an Environmental Management System.

In 2004, our EMS was recognised as world class when it gained ISO 14001 accreditation.

In 2009 we received an Achievement Award at the NSW Dept of the Environment's Green Globe Awards, recognising our environmental efforts to date.

Our Environment Policy Statement

The core focus of our business is the development and nurturing of partnering relationships with our clients, to produce a printed product as specified by our client in a timely and cost effective manner, while remaining focused on delivering quality and added value service; which means that we will work with our client to achieve the best possible outcome.

Focus Press is committed to managing its operations in an environmentally responsible way. A documented Environmental Management System, that complies to AS/NZS ISO 14001:2000 Environmental management systems, is the means by which Focus Press ensures that environmentally responsible behaviour is embraced as an integral part of its operations. We specifically undertake to:

  •  Conduct operations in compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.
  •  Prevent pollution; especially associated with the discharge of waste and Volatile Organic Compounds to the environment.

  •  Work towards an objective of cleaner production with our suppliers and clients and continually improve our environmental performance through economically viable best practice.

  • Manage our energy use to reduce the effect of the site operations on the production of greenhouse gases.

  • Maintain Scopes 1 and 2 carbon neutrality through the use of innovative energy reduction strategies, renewable energy sources and through Kyoto Protocol endorsed carbon offset programs.

  • Provide a means for clients to remove Scope 3 carbon emissions throughout our supply chain of paper, printing, packaging, ink and transportation.

  • Proactively strive to use environmentally responsible raw materials, such as recycled paper, or with Chain of Custody certification by FSC or PEFC, and vegetable based inks wherever possible:

    • We have made a strategic decision to use FSC or PEFC certified paper as our default stock, unless otherwise specified by the customer.

    • We will suggest and encourage the use of recycled options where applicable and practical.

    • We will not use paper that is manufactured from old growth forest.

  • Regularly set and review environmental objectives and targets in keeping with our Legal and Other Requirements and the Significant Environmental Aspects of our operation.

  • Communicate openly and constructively ensuring that our employees, contractors and other interested parties are aware of this policy.

  • Provide appropriate education to ensure that all who work at Focus Press have the control of environmental aspects integrated into their work practices and performance assessments.

"Printers phone me regularly telling me they are going for it (with environmentalism) and to discuss ideas." Our CEO, David Fuller, quoted in Australian Printer Magazine.

Read more about our sustainable printing, and how we've engaged with our customers and suppliers.