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Saving resources through collaboration: How smart design can save everyone money

We’re well versed in the benefits of working in partnership with our supply chain and customers. It’s meant significant savings in both dollars and in environmental impact. And with our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in place we’ve been able to focus our efforts on ongoing reductions in energy usage. But it’s more than that. Our team is motivated by the successes of water and waste stream management programs. Success breeds success, so we look for ways for more sustainable results for every print job we do.

How we saved 36 tons of paper

Focus was awarded a print contract involving more than 150 kinds of saddle stitched books with a total volume of 156 tons of paper.

That’s a lot of paper. So with an eye on the most sustainable way to approach this, we suggested a change to the design of the publication. Not for design’s sake. But to give paper savings of 8%.

Our suggestion was simple – remove the bleed from the text pages.

No other changes were made to the publications; they were still A4 finished size, printed in colour onto the same weight of paper as previously used. But because there was no bleed, we were able to reduce the size of the paper used, and minimized the amount of trimming needed.

Hardly surprising, our customer took our advice. And each year since we have saved around 12 tons of paper on this contract. The total paper saved since 2005 is greater than 36 tons! 36 tons a bit hard to picture? How about 700 trees? 12 cubic metres of landfill? 1,500,000 litres of water?

Well then picture a saving of $70,000.


The experience of Focus Press over the past several years has been extremely positive. Our sustainability efforts have led to a lower drain on resources, and created efficiencies and cost savings along our journey. Not only for us, but for our supply chain partners and customers alike. Taking the time to think about ways to improve sustainability, and having a demonstrated commitment to making a positive change can and does lead to dual bottom line and environmental benefits. Focus Press’ experience, gaining real benefits from ISO 14001, through process changes, and policy commitments to go green, have helped place it as Australia’s leading green printer, and positioned it for sustainable growth into the future.

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