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Digital Printing

Nobody realised what a big thing digital printing would be when it hit back in the late nineties.

Our first digital printer was unreliable at best, it only used one type of paper and the quality was well behind what we could deliver on an offset printer.

Nowadays that’s all changed. Our new machine is as good as they come. It uses almost any paper you can name and we’d challenge you to spot the digital print from the offset print.

Most importantly, because we started in the digital printing game early, we know how to use the tools a lot better than other digital printing companies who came in late.

Our New Baby

Weighing in at well over a tonne, our newest baby is our way of looking after the little things in the biggest way possible.

Cutely named the Canon imagePRESS C6000, this digital press is the most innovative digital printing and proofing system around. And that means it can handle any job you may have in mind.

Check out the features:

  • Delivers proofs that show you just what the finished job will be like, right down to the exact paper and finishes. Proofs are even presented as a finished product. So, whether it’s full bleed, hole punched, saddle stitched or perfect bound, looking at the proof is like looking at the final job.
  • Delivers a finished digital job that looks and feels just like offset.
  • Comes with smart software, which means improved workflow, so you’ll get your job completed faster than ever before.
  • Prints on almost any paper type, coated and uncoated.
  • Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi and 256-level greyscale produces precise text, but also razor sharp detailed images with vivid hues, a wide tonal range, and clean, smooth gradients. Skin tones are lifelike, colours are spot on, and image details are crystal clear.
  • Quickly and easily creates perfect prototype proofs for brochures, self-mailers, direct mail, business cards, newsletters and almost anything else you choose to throw at it.
  • Delivers the versatility of a range of in-line finishing options. That means saddle stitching or perfect binding for booklets, a hole punch for documents destined for binders, full bleed saddle stitched booklets and we can even add heavier covers for a more professional finish.
  • “Intelligent registration” technology gives you perfect double sided print with image placed in the same location on every sheet of paper, every time.
  • Even lets you scan your existing hardcopy documents and transform them into a digital file for editing and reproduction.