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Carbon Neutral Printing

Have your job printed carbon neutral at no extra cost. Ask us how.

Case Studies and White Papers

At Focus we go to great lengths to reduce our use of resources. It saves our customers money and reduces our impact on the environment at the same time.

These case studies outline a few of the ways we've worked to reduce resource use across the business and the effects these programs have had for everyone involved.

To save the PDF Case Studies, simple right click on the Case Study link, choose "save Target As..." then save it to your computer.

Case Studies
Saving time and money with online workflow management - making physical location irrelevant
RailCorp Goes 100% Carbon Neutral With Timetable Printing
Saving  resources through collaboration can save everyone money!


By reducing our waste, analysing processes and setting the benchmarks and measures that the ISO 14001 framework calls for, we soon proved that we could make big savings
Print vs Digital - It's often implied that digital media is the environmentally preferable choice and that print media is the environmentally destructive choice...but is it possible that digital media could be more destructive and a greater threat to trees and forests in than papermaking or printing?  The Institute for Sustainable Communication looks at the facts.
White Papers

PDF Specifications and Recommendations for Customer supplied files
How our Environmental Management System helped us reduce water use by 50%.
How we engaged our entire supply chain in environmental management to provide the greatest positive impact.
How a small effort in switching from virgin pulp to 100% recycled paper has reduced CO2 emissions and solid waste by more than 50%.